Water Quality
Water Test Results - Penn State
Starting at the end of 2019, we will be sending water samples to Penn State University for analysis. Currently, we plan to send samples every quarter going forward. For information, about these tests, please see the following page on the Penn State Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory website:
Interpreting Water Tests for Ponds and Lakes
2019 Water Test Results
December 3rd 2019 - 1
December 3rd 2019 - 2
2020 Water Test Results
May 27th 2020 - 1
May 27th 2020 - 2 (sample taken after rain the previous day)

Bacteria Water Test Results - East Shore District Health
We have contracted for many years with the East Shore District Health Department to monitor the quality of our waters. Samples are taken weekly from Memorial Day to Labor Day and tested by the Health Dept. If a sample or result is questionable in any way, such as unusually high or low, another sample is taken. If the bacteria count exceeds the standard, the Cedar Lake beach will be closed immediately to all activity until the bacteria count returns to an acceptable level.

Escherichia coli is the indicator organism used to monitor fresh water and the test used is the "Colilert" fluorescence test. The single sample standard used to signify acceptable water quality in fresh water is 235 E. coli organisms per 100 ml of water sampled.
2014 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0206/0906/1606/2306/3007/0707/2107/2808/0408/1108/1808/25
Report signed by Alex Cinotti, Assistant Director of Health

2013 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0406/0506/1206/1406/1706/1906/2407/0107/0807/1507/2908/0508/1208/1908/26
Report signed by Alex Cinotti, Assistant Director of Health

2010 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0206/0706/1406/2106/2807/1207/2107/2608/0208/0908/1608/2508/30
Report signed by Alex Cinotti, Acting Director of Health

2009 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0806/1506/2206/2907/1307/2007/20(R)08/0308/1208/1708/2408/31
Report signed by Alex Cinotti, Acting Director of Health

2008 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0206/0906/1906/2306/3007/0607/1407/2808/0408/1008/1808/25
Report signed by Jim Monopoli, Director of Health

2007 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0406/1106/1807/0207/0907/0607/2307/3008/0608/1308/2008/29
Report signed by Jim Monopoli, Director of Health

2006 Season Results
Sample Date 06/0606/1106/1807/0307/1007/1707/1907/2007/2407/3108/0708/1408/2108/28
Report signed by Jim Monopoli, Director of Health

Our beach had only been closed due to bacteria levels twice, in 2006 and 2010 when it was closed 3 times, twice for a high bacteria count and once for floating debris. 2006 was a time of very heavy rains and a heat wave and most beaches in the state were also closed at this time. Since then, we have hydroraked in the spring of each year and think this program has greatly improved our water quality without the need for herbicides. 2010 was also a time of severe heat conditions and rain, but we are still unsure at this time if that was the only cause for the 2010 closings.
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