Executive Board
President Regan Biolzi regan.biolzi@cedarlakenb.org
Vice President Brett Miller brett.miller@cedarlakenb.org
Secretary Kelly Martinez kelly.martinez@cedarlakenb.org
Treasurer/Website Dennis Budd dennis.budd@cedarlakenb.org
Trustee 1 Diane Sullivan diane.sullivan@cedarlakenb.org
Trustee 2 Ann Tracz ann.tracz@cedarlakenb.org
Trustee 3 David Marcin david.marcin@cedarlakenb.org
Alternate Vacant
Executive Board All Board Members executive.board@cedarlakenb.org

The Association is directed by an Executive Board that consists of the officers of the Association. The officers are elected at an annual meeting of the homeowners in the fall of each year. All Executive Board members volunteer their time and efforts to oversee the activities of the association, and do not receive remuneration of any type.

The Executive Board proposes an annual budget, presented to the homeowners at the annual meeting. After discussion, revisions, and final approval, the accepted budget regulates the expenditures and activities for the coming year.

From time to time, special committees are appointed for special projects or activities. If you have a suggestion of a needed project or committee, or would like to volunteer to be a member or chairman, please contact a member of the Executive Board. Also, ideas for new or special activities are always needed.

Cedar Lake Association
P.O. Box 1005
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