Welcome to the Cedar Lake Association
Cedar Lake Association, Inc. is a group of North Branford and Branford homeowners who live in a defined area near Cedar Lake in North Branford, Connecticut, and jointly own beach property at the lake. Working through the Association, its members manage and maintain the beach property and together work to make their neighborhood the best it can be. Our Association has been in existence since the area was developed in the mid-1950's.

Labor Day Hot Dog Roast Cancelled
Due to unsafe swimming conditions and delays in acquisition of state required treatment permits, we will, regretfully, have to cancel this year's Labor Day Hot Dog Roast.

Aquatic Herbicide Application Notification
Please be advised that a notification of pesticide application was received via email on 10/18/2022. Per the notification, on 10/21/2022, the aquatic herbicide will be applied by All Habitat Services at the property located at 58 Cedar Lake Road. Please review the notification:here.

April 2nd - Easter Egg Hunt
June 3rd - Tag Sale
July 4th - July 4th
Sept 3rd - Labor Day
TBD - Halloween Movie
Cedar Lake Association
P.O. Box 1005
North Branford, CT 06471